Jenni Weber 81                           

                         Parliamentary Elections 2023                                                                                                                               


Satakunnan Kansa 28.1.:
"Laadukas varhaiskasvatus lisää maakunnan veto-ja pitovoimaa"



I am running for parliament because I want to improve the well-being of children and families, the status of the cultural sector and its creators, and take action to prevent the loss of nature and climate change.

The culture and events sector should be seen as an important part of society: those working in the sector should be valued, the effects of culture on the well-being of individuals and the fact that the sector is a significantly growing industry should be taken into account.

I have three children of kindergarten age. I want them to have a safe place in kindergarten, a school where teachers have the opportunity to teach and students to learn in peace, as well as versatile opportunities to train in the profession of their choice.

A sustainable and ecological life is the responsibility of every individual, company and state. Even small actions matter and everyone can influence the kind of world we leave for the next generations with their own choices.


I'm Jenni, an entrepreneur in the culture and event industry, mother of three small children, deputy councilor from Pori. A German by birth and  mentally  a  Porian

I was born in Bottrop, Ruhr region, Germany. We moved to Finland with my family when i was four. I have lived in many places but mostly in Pori and  Helsinki, the altter i also call my other home town. Like so  many others I also moved to Helsinki to study.  I moved back to Pori in 2018 with my oldest child. Currently I live in Uusikoivisto with my children and my husband in an old wooden house, which we renovated with the help of my father.

When I moved to Pori, I also founded my own company, Porkka Badass Productions. Mostly doing events, both my own productions as well as a freelencer for others. 

In my free time, I like to go swimming and dancing. On my bed side table I have last had  Anni Kytömä's Margarita and now Jussi Valtonen Hei eivät tiedä mitä tekevät is waiting to get started. i